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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Android Session 5 @ Mbarara University 2015

Greetings dear Android Lovers and Developers,

My name is Norbert Tumukunde, a software developer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, currently in my final year of study.

I am so grateful to be part of the Android Student Club here at the University. It has helped me to learn and improve my programming skills most especially in Android, which is of course the most widely used mobile operating system in the world running smartphones, tablets etc.
Students during the session

We have held a number of sessions and the focus for the session on Saturday, 25th April and Tuesday, 28th April 2015 was on Data storage in Android

We developed an app that could save data on a mobile device's memory. The app allows the user to enter content ie text, which is stored once the user decides so and is retrieved at their time of choice. 

The code for the Android Application that enables the user to save and retrieve their input

 It is of importance to store data in static files on Android because memory content of small magnitude can easily be stored on the memory card of the phone.

I am so privileged to learn Android because of it's relevance due to it's wide market share. I have been introduced to Google Play and i hope to start uploading applications soon. 
I, Norbert, during the session

The application i'm working on is a "Diabetes Patients' helper" guiding a patient on diet and exercises to do basing on their Diabetes' levels. 

Thank you once again. For a link to more session pics, please visit: Android Session 5 @ Mbarara University 2015 

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Norbert Tumukunde,
Android Students' Club member

Monday, 20 April 2015

Android Session 4 @ Mbarara University 2015

Hi Developers! My name is Lynet Ampiire, a second year student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

Participating in this Android training has given me an opportunity to enhance my programming skills especially learning how apps are developed.
Student explains concept during class

On Saturday, 18, April, 2015 we had our fourth study session where i was able to acquire more experience. The focus was on Shared Preferences and I'm going to share with you what I learnt.

I, Lynet and my groupmate explain our assignment app to class

  • Shared preferences enable a developer to store and retrieve information. This works for simple information such as user names and passwords. 
  • SQLite is preferred when dealing with complex information.

Additionally a couple of methods come in handy when dealing with Shared Preferences which include;
Android Class during session

  • getSharedPreferences() method which retrieves information stored and is applied in multiple application components.
  • getPreferences() method does the same thing as the getSharedPreferences() method only that it is applied in a single application.

We also looked at the Editor class that has a name that can be used to invoke or reference other methods such as edit () method, put (), and get () method.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank Google in partnership with Udacity for enriching us with this great knowledge.  I look forward to applying these concepts in the application i intend to develop by the end of the training. 

I would like develop a digital diary app. I just can’t wait till it's done…....Cheers!

For a link to more session photos; click Android Session 4

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Android Session 3 @ Mbarara University 2015

Hello programmers! Have you heard of the Android revolution at Mbarara University? The study sessions are getting more exciting, fun and engaging for the Android Team @Must with each passing day.
Android Students have fun after the session
Googlers @Must have formed teams to specialize in different concepts as they learn how to develop Android Applications.
Programmers are developing apps based on specific topics and they get to present to the rest of the Study team during the sessions, get advice from the facilitators and explain to the rest better. It's efficient, effective and more exciting since each one of us has to be the best at what they specialize in. 
A student explains layouts in Android
Developers are acquiring public speech skills, team work, learning how to use GitHub and Doing cool things that matter. Three teams got a chance to present in this session and guys did amazing work each taking home nice Google swag.
A lucky student admires his Android T shirt
If you have a dream of making a great impact in the world, then this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.
Don't miss the next session on 16th April 2015 its going to be [bloody] as the rest of the teams present and we learn from them. Hope you have already gotten a project to work on.
Have fun. For a link to more photos about the session; go to the link Android Session 3. Thank you.
Android Student @ Mbarara University and GSA Core Team Member

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Android Session 2 @ Mbarara University 2015

Hey Googlers. My Name is Blessing Davis. I am a student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in my second year of study pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Science in Computer Engineering.
The facilitator explaining a key concept

I am privileged to be part of the Android Study Class at the University. It gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow programmers with whom we share a common goal.

The second session, on the 4th of April 2015 was a pure hands on session with code. I have to admit it seemed a bit abstract due to the introduction of new concepts like Intents as well as Fragments.
Students getting their hands dirty in code

However, i learnt how to create a Blank Activity, call different Activities to execute etc.I will just keep getting better with time and dedication.

I hope to develop my very own Android application and improve my mobile development skills in general by the time the training ends.
Time for refreshments bro

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Launch of Android Sessions @ Mbarara University 2015

Whooohooo!!!!! Wondering what the excitement is all about? I'll tell you in a moment. Nothing feels more thrilling than not just being on the right track but moving towards your target destination as well.

I've always dreamed of developing an application to run on my smartphone or a friend's. However i didn't know how to begin the journey ie where to start.

Are you ready for the next session?YESSSS!!!!!
Thanks to the Google Student Ambassador Program at the University led by the current GSA, Kagimu Brian and the team he works with, our dreams are about to come true. This however calls for hard work and commitment on our side.

The Android Study Club was launched at the University on Saturday, 28, March, 2015 with our lovely facilitators, Richard Kimera and Martin Galiwango. The class was fun packed with alot to learn as well. I could feel it in the air, "The start of a good cause". At the end, our minds were reading "Android Mode Activated".

attending to the facilitators...
During the session, we were able to set up the Android Studio and run the Hello World application. We also began the Video course termed "Developing Android Apps - Android Fundamentals"

By the end of the day, we all walked out with the mind of a mobile developer. Nothing can cause that except Android.

I and my friends can't wait for the next session. Thanks to the GSA and his team for the wonderful work. Some session pics are below;

Mr.Richard explaining to us some concepts

Students in action on their computers and laptops others upfront consulting

Photo-time...anytime after the event is photo time you don't wanna miss out

Don't miss out the smiles....they mean everything went well Ben and Mr. Richard

Rock on!!!

For a link to more event photos, go to the link; Android Study Group Launch

As always, we will "Do Cool Things That Matter".  #androidmust +Chimdindu Aneke +Jeminatu Alabi-Isama +Kimera Richard +Kimera Richard +Galiwango Martin +Brian Kagimu +Benjamin Otim