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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Android Session 2 @ Mbarara University 2015

Hey Googlers. My Name is Blessing Davis. I am a student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in my second year of study pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Science in Computer Engineering.
The facilitator explaining a key concept

I am privileged to be part of the Android Study Class at the University. It gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow programmers with whom we share a common goal.

The second session, on the 4th of April 2015 was a pure hands on session with code. I have to admit it seemed a bit abstract due to the introduction of new concepts like Intents as well as Fragments.
Students getting their hands dirty in code

However, i learnt how to create a Blank Activity, call different Activities to execute etc.I will just keep getting better with time and dedication.

I hope to develop my very own Android application and improve my mobile development skills in general by the time the training ends.
Time for refreshments bro

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