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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Launch of Android Sessions @ Mbarara University 2015

Whooohooo!!!!! Wondering what the excitement is all about? I'll tell you in a moment. Nothing feels more thrilling than not just being on the right track but moving towards your target destination as well.

I've always dreamed of developing an application to run on my smartphone or a friend's. However i didn't know how to begin the journey ie where to start.

Are you ready for the next session?YESSSS!!!!!
Thanks to the Google Student Ambassador Program at the University led by the current GSA, Kagimu Brian and the team he works with, our dreams are about to come true. This however calls for hard work and commitment on our side.

The Android Study Club was launched at the University on Saturday, 28, March, 2015 with our lovely facilitators, Richard Kimera and Martin Galiwango. The class was fun packed with alot to learn as well. I could feel it in the air, "The start of a good cause". At the end, our minds were reading "Android Mode Activated".

attending to the facilitators...
During the session, we were able to set up the Android Studio and run the Hello World application. We also began the Video course termed "Developing Android Apps - Android Fundamentals"

By the end of the day, we all walked out with the mind of a mobile developer. Nothing can cause that except Android.

I and my friends can't wait for the next session. Thanks to the GSA and his team for the wonderful work. Some session pics are below;

Mr.Richard explaining to us some concepts

Students in action on their computers and laptops others upfront consulting

Photo-time...anytime after the event is photo time you don't wanna miss out

Don't miss out the smiles....they mean everything went well Ben and Mr. Richard

Rock on!!!

For a link to more event photos, go to the link; Android Study Group Launch

As always, we will "Do Cool Things That Matter".  #androidmust +Chimdindu Aneke +Jeminatu Alabi-Isama +Kimera Richard +Kimera Richard +Galiwango Martin +Brian Kagimu +Benjamin Otim

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